Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from Blue Mountain

We're back from Blue Mountain Lake and our best family vacation yet! A week of no internet, email or cell phones  - just the woods, the lake, family and wonderful new friends.
It was a week of first  - our son paddled his own kayak, jumped off rock island and made it to the top of Blue Mountain's fire tower.
And I couldn't help but be inspired --- mist rising off the lake, a family of loons, chattering red squirrels, an adorable porcupine and a tricky mink that joined us as we jumped off the dock for afternoon swims!


Bad Cat Studios said...

What an incredibly small world. I found you on Illustration Friday- I look through the submissions every now and then. I stayed at The Hedges on August 13th and 14th. I'm assuming that's where you were too from the pictures? My husband and I go every year, but he was away on business this year so I brought my mom since she had never been. I wonder if we saw each other!! I haven't blogged about my trip yet, but I'll have to do that soon! :)

Bad Cat Studios said...

Me again- I was just reading over your side bar. I also studied with Murray at SU AND I have that copy of La Vie Claire and I loved your work in that issue!