Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mouse

I live next door to what was my Grammy Y's house. A few years ago the house was sold for a second time since my grandmother's passing. This time a couple from Manhattan would make it their weekend home. Little did we know that this couple would become dear friends. This mouser is a birthday present for Bobbi.

Thank you Bobbi for making my grandmother's house a home again. And Thanks to Grammy Y for pulling some string from up above to give us the gift of amazing neighbors.


Ms. Moffatt said...

I love this story! Your art is amazing. And I adore your house, cute as a button.
Jacqueline, I see we travel in the same circles. Brown Publishing, HFC, Harcourt McMillian, etc. Have we met? Have you come to the Highlights party?

Jacqueline Decker said...

Hi! Yes, we've meet at Surtex and Highlights. I wasn't been able to go to the Illustrators Party last year so it must have been the year before. I remember you had an amazing costume!