Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Merry Christmas Sketch

Let's just say that my studio is an organizational challenge on a good day but especially when things start chugging along. This week there are stockings stuffed and hanging from my easel, yards of braided wool, white pine and hand-carved reindeer adorning my desk. Christmas has come early and this time in the form of a jolly polar bear.

The new addition to my holiday collection is inspired by home spun items in tribute to my Great Grandmother Marinkas. This small Hungarian woman would come to stay at our house for a week at a time to teach my mother how to make braided rugs and crochet. She said little as her small hands braided and crocheted at top speed - we watched in fascination. She would kiss our cheeks goodbye and leave us with the gifts of her labor, a blanket and a rug.

Grandma Marinkas seemed magical - just like one of Santa's helpers!