Sunday, November 25, 2007

Inspired by Elizabeth Shippen Green

"Jehane – The Constant Lover"
Harper's Monthly Magazine
September 1906

I was attracted to the intricate swirling shapes of the background contrasting against the solid color and diagonals of the cloak which directs the eye to the woman’s face. The color with little shading on her face pulls her forward from the detail and busyness of the wall treatment.

This is reverse thinking for me. My tendency would be to make the focal point busy with detail and simplify the background. I like the ornamental quality of the background like a decorative border integrated into the scene. Inspired by this and other pieces by Elizabeth Shippen Green the experiment begins...

The sketch.

The finish.
Please know I'm not fooling myself into thinking this is of Elizabeth Shippen Green's quality but it was fun to be a wannabe red rose girl for a few days!

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